Junkrat in Heroes of the Storm: His Explosive Entry Into The Nexus


Heroes of the Storm HotfixBlizzard Entertainment

Maintenance Ended

The weekly scheduled maintenance is over and the dust settles. Was it Junkrat? Okay open up the patch notes and let’s see. Okay, new Hallow’s End 2017 event, that’s exciting. Some new loot chests, a small hotkey adjustment, and OH MY !!!!!

He’s here. Junkrat is actually here. There is a collective deep breath as Blizzard prepares. Here comes the wave of HotS players, by the thousands, each scrambling to return to the Nexus.

Vini Vidi ExploVici

Patience is a virtue. Waiting with baited breath for every little maintenance, hotfix, patch, and announcement was rewarded today.

Jamison Fawkes, Junkrat, is here. Welcome to the Nexus and after all the latest patches; we’re ready to get going. Time to cause some total mayhem with an all new set of talents, two new ultimates, and even some great one-liners.

Watch out for booms, bangs, traps, and mines because Junkrat is going to pack a punch. His explosive play style is going to turn heads. His skills and attacks are unique. They will require creativity to master, but the excitement of this newest character trumps all that. Get in there, practice, and master every aspect of Junkrat. There is no better time with a brand new event starting right now.

Hallow’s End 2017 Means New Loot, New Skins, & Hopefully Candy Corn

We’ve come a long way since last year, but Hallow’s End is one of the best events the Nexus puts on. With new skins, new sprays, new loot, and a fantastic new character; Hallow’s End is going to be the perfect monster mash.

Put the headless horseman spray on your loadout and hop into quick match, a new brawl, or ranked play. It’s time to see what Junkrat has to offer and kick up the excitement level up to 11. It’s almost Halloween!

It’s almost HGC Finals too. You better be ready for Blizzcon and the best place to get ready is in the Nexus. Which has never been spookier thanks to Heroes of the Storm’s Hallow’s End 2017.