Jessica Corbett: David Sorensen’s Ex-Wife Says He Was Abusive


Jessica Corbett Twitter/Jessica Corbett

Former Donald Trump speechwriter David Sorensen resigned from the White House after his ex-wife accused of him of a litany abuse during their short marriage. Jessica Corbett spoke to the Washington Post in an interview that was published on February 9. Shortly after the article went live, Sorensen’s resignation was announced. It comes a day after former Staff Secretary Rob Porter resigned after his two former wives, Jennifer Willoughby and Colbie Holderness, came forward with allegations of domestic abuse.

Corbett told the Post that during her marriage to Sorensen, he extinguished a cigarette in her hand, ran over her foot in a car and attacked her while grabbing her hair when the couple was in a boat off of the Maine coast. At the time of those instances, Sorensen was a policy advisor and a key member of Maine Governor Paul LePage’s administration.

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An engagement notice for the couple published in the Valdosta Daily Times, where Corbett hails from, gives their wedding date as December 13, 2014, “on a chartered yacht off the coast of Kauai, Hawaii.” At the time of their engagement, Corbett was working for Maine Congressman Bruce Poliquin. According to Corbett’s LinkedIn page, she nows works as a director for Michigan’s Republican Party. Previously, Corbett has worked for the Republican Party of Florida, Marco Rubio’s 2009 U.S. Senate campaign and as a consultant for War Room Logistics, a political polling and digital communications company in Florida.

In the Washington Post story, Sorensen refutes the allegations of abuse and says that he was resigning so as not to distract from Trump’s presidents. Rather, Sorensen says that it was he who was the victim of violence during their marriage. The Post says the couple was officially divorced in September 2017. A month later, Corbett says, she outlined her allegations of abuse to an FBI agent who interviewed her as part of Sorensen’s background check.