James E. Davis Jr.: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know


James Eric Davis Jr.

City of Mt Pleasant

CMU shooting suspect James Eric Davis Jr.

Double murder shooting suspect James E. Davis Jr., 19, is being hunted by law enforcement after police say the Central Michigan University sophomore killed two non-students in a campus dorm. Police described the shooting as a domestic incident.

What you need to know:

1. Suspect Davis Is a CMU Sophomore

Davis is a sophomore at the University. A 19-year-old black male, Davis was still at large at 12 noon Friday. Campus, local, state and federal law enforcement have been searching for Davis.

2. Campus Police Said That Davis Was Hospitalized Thursday Night on ‘Drug-Related Incident’

CMU double murder, CMU shooting, James Eric Davis Jr suspect

CMU police provide update on campus shooting.

CMU campus police said during a Facebook Live press conference that Thursday night Davis was transported to McLaren Central Hospital in a “drug-related incident …a bad (drug) reaction.” Davis was released at around 8 a.m. Friday morning and returned to campus.

3. Davis’ Twitter Doesn’t Offer Clues As to Why He Might Have Snapped

James Eric Davis Jr

CMU double murder shooting suspect James Eric Davis Jr Twitter profile picture

With perfunctory re-tweets about R Kelly and photos of a friend’s visit to “the city,” most of Davis’ recent tweets or re-tweets were innocuous save one from Feb. 14, Valentine’s Day.

4. Victims May Be Davis’ Parents

According to CMU Campus Police Lt. Larry Klaus, while the shooing is a “domestic incident,he declined to confirm that the dead were Davis’ parents adding notifications needed to be made first. But officials said the victims were non-students.

5. CMU Students Were Supposed to Begin Spring Break Friday After Their Last Classes & Parents Were Arriving For Pick-Ups

“Those planning to come to campus today to pick up students for spring break should stay off campus until further notice. Please go to the Comfort Inn, 2424 S. Mission St. University staff will be on site to support the families,” CMU administrators advised parents.