Is CVS Open on Thanksgiving 2017? [CVS & Minute Clinic Hours]



Thanksgiving isn’t just a time for watching football and eating as much as you possibly. For people who are entertaining others or bringing food to a family potluck, it might also be the time for some last-minute shopping. Because of this, meany people are wanting to know if CVS is open on Thanksgiving. For those of you who are shopping at the last-minute, there’s good news. Yes, in most locations CVS will be open on Thanksgiving Day, but pharmacy and Minute Clinic hours vary.

On Thanksgiving Day every year, CVS locations are typically open on their regular schedule, including the 24-hour locations. In fact, some locations are even starting their Black Friday specials on Thanksgiving. However, if you’re planning to drop by to do a little shopping, you should probably give the store a call first, just to make sure. A few locations will be shortening their hours on Thanksgiving day, in some places from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

The pharmacy’s actual hours may vary too, and may not match the store’s hours. If you need to pick up medicine, call first to make sure CVS is going to be open. For example, CVS Pharmacies that are located in Target will likely be closed.

In addition, many Minute Clinics will be open on Thanksgiving Day too. You can see the entire list of clinics open on Thanksgiving Day here.

All CVS stores and pharmacies will be open during regular business hours on Black Friday. Want to see some nice Black Friday deals? You can check some of them out here.

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