Ilary Blasi, Francesco Totti’s Wife: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know


Ilary Blasi, Francesco Totti's Wife

Totti and Blasi pictured together in 2010. (Getty)

One of the only people who will be delighted by Francesco Totti’s impending retirement will be his celebrity wife. The couple has been together since 2003 and married in 2005. The couple has three children together, Cristian, born in 2005, Chanel, born in 2007 and Isabel, born in March 2016.

On May 28, Francesco Totti, the greatest player in the history of Roma, will play his final game for the club at the age of 40. Totti made his debut for Roma in 1993. The legend will play his last game for AS Roma on May 26 against Genoa at the Stadio Olimpico with the Giallorossi still looking to cement their position in second place.

Here’s what you need to know about the love of Totti’s life:

1. Blasi Says She’s Not Sure How it Will Be With Totti Around the House All the Time

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Blasi told Gazzetta Dello Sport on May 26 that she wasn’t sure how it will go now that Totti will be at home all the time. Blasi said, “How will I do? I do not know, we’ll find out by living.” Blasi added that she would call the interviewer to let him know how it is. The star also said that she and the whole family would be present at Totti’s final game.

2. The Couple’s Wedding Was Broadcast Live on Italian TV With the Proceeds Going to Charity

Francesco Totti Wedding

Totti and Blasi embracing at their 2005 wedding. (Getty)

Totti and Blasi tied the knot in Santa Maria in Aracoeli. The entire wedding was broadcast all day on Italian television. The proceeds from the event were donated to charity.

3. Blasi Says of Her Marriage, ‘Sex Is Important’

On Blasi’s birthday in 2017, Totti took to Facebook to pay a romantic tribute to his wife. The Roma No. 10 wrote, “Time passes, but not love for you that is strengthened year after year. Happy birthday my love.” A month earlier, Totti talked about meeting Blasi for the first time saying, “It struck me wright away… I said to myself: This is the woman of my life.”

While Blasi says that while “Sex is important, it does not last a lifetime.”

4. Blasi Has Been on Italian TV Screens Since She Was a Small Child

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Like her husband, Blasi is a child of Rome. Her start in entertainment came when her mother’s friends talked about an commercial audition that required a blonde girl. Blasi got the part. The ad was for Italian cake Panettone. As she got older, Blasi turned to modeling, even posing nude in her early days. In 1998, Blasi competed in Miss Italy at age 17 but didn’t win. Since then, Blasi has hosted many different TV shows in her homeland, notably on MTV. More recently, Blasi appeared with her husband as one of the faces of Vodafone in Italy.

5. Totti Says That He Is Being Forced Out of Roma

As Totti prepared for his final game, it’s being widely reported that he is being forced out of Roma. At least, that’s what the legend told his team mates at an end-of-season dinner on May 25. Totti allegedly told his team mates, “These have been complicated, difficult months. I would have liked to help you all more, but you know how things went. Now they’ve forced me to stop, and I can’t even think of myself not wearing the Roma shirt anymore. Anyway, thanks to all of you for your kindness.”

Roma are preparing to offer Totti a job in the team’s administration after his retirement. The official website report on the Totti dinner did not mention his assertions.

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