How Is Joe Kennedy Related to John F. Kennedy? [PHOTOS]



Joe Kennedy III

Despite his famous lineage, Joseph “Joe” Kennedy III has stayed pretty much out of the spotlight until recently. He is a House representative for Massachusetts serving his third term, but he definitely hasn’t gathered the national attention of his other more well-known relatives. But that all began to change when he introduced Sen. Elizabeth Warren at the Democratic National Convention. Kennedy, 37, has been speaking out more publicly ever since, putting Republicans on notice when he disagreed with their assertions. And now he’s representing the Democrats by giving the State of the Union response to President Donald Trump’s speech. But exactly how is Joe Kennedy related to the famous President John F. Kennedy? He’s a closer relation than you might think.

Joe Kennedy III is the grandson of Robert F. “Bobby” Kennedy . Bobby was assassinated in June 1968 while he was a U.S. Senator from New York and a leading candidate for the Democratic nomination for President. He had 11 children, including Joe Kennedy II, Joe’s dad.

Joe is the grand-nephew of President John F. Kennedy, who was assassinated in 1963. Some people can’t help but compare Joe Kennedy III to JFK. And honestly, you can’t help but notice the resemblance in this particular Facebook post:

Joe is the son of former Congressmen Joseph Kennedy II, married to Sheila Rauch. Joe has a twin brother, Matt, who worked in Obama’s administration. Joseph Kennedy II left Congress in 1999. People are expecting great things of Kennedy because of his lineage. One person wrote on Facebook: “A Kennedy stands up to Trump, our best against our worst. Karma is coming!”

Here’s a photo comparison of their profiles:


Here is one of Joe Kennedy’s speeches. What do you think?

Joe Kennedy has been a Representative in Congress since 2012. He replaced Barney Frank, who had retired, leaving an open seat. Joe raised more than $4 million in 2012 and won with 61 percent of the vote in November 2012. Joe ran unopposed in 2014 in both the primary and the general election. In 2016, he was unopposed in the primary and defeated Republican David Rosa by more than 40 percentage points. He was mentioned as a possibility for Massachusetts governor in 2018, but declined and said he had no plans to run for another office.

Kennedy is married to Lauren Anne Birchfield and they have two children: Eleanor born in 2015 and James born in 2017. Do you see the resemblance between Joe and JFK?