Freida Bosh, Chris’s Mom: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know


Freida Bosh, Chris's MomThe Chris Bosh Foundation

NBA star Chris Bosh’s mother had her home raided by Texas cops as part of a heroin and cocaine trafficking investigation. TMZ reported on December 8 that Freida Bosh’s home in DeSoto, Texas, is part of a drug trafficking investigation. The house is owned by Bosh, 33, who is currently a free agent in the NBA. A law enforcement source told TMZ, “We don’t believe Chris has any connection short of owning the house.” The town of DeSoto is located about 16 miles south of downtown Dallas. The investigation is being handled by the town’s police department.

Chris Bosh was born in Dallas but grew up in nearby Hutchins, Texas, with Freida, originally from Dayton, Ohio, and her husband Noel, and their young son, Joel.

Here’s what you need to know about Freida Bosh:

1. Police Said There Have Been Hand to Hand Drug Deals Taking Place Outside of the Home

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In a press release the DeSoto police said that they received reports about “hand to hand” drug deals outside of Freida Bosh’s home. The house is located a 902 St. George’s Place in the town. Residents had also reported an unusually large amount of vehicle traffic around the home. An investigation led to a search warrant being issued on December 8.

After searching the home, DeSoto cops found a large amount of “drug paraphernalia” that is consistent with “narcotics trafficking.” No arrests have been made in the case yet which is thought to center around heroin and crack cocaine trafficking.

CBS Dallas-Fort Worth reports that the raid took place at around 6:30 a.m. in the “posh gated community.” Freida Bosh was one the several people at the home who was questioned.

2. Freida Was Formerly the Head of the Chris Bosh Foundation & Used to Work as a Consultant for Motorola

In 2004, while her son was playing in Toronto with the Raptors, Bosh set up the Chris Bosh Foundation to promote reading in Toronto and his hometown. His mother was installed as the foundation’s CEO. At the time of writing, the foundation appears to be defunct. In 2005, Bosh received the NBA Community Assist Award for his work in the foundation.

The Washington Post reported in February 2009 that Bosh’s foundation was run by Freida and that his cousin Adriane Mayes as the business co-ordinator of the charity.

A 2012 feature in Dallas Weekly on Freida opening a math tutoring center in Dallas mentioned that Bosh’s mother formerly worked for Motorola in a consultancy basis. She left the company to concentrate on raising her family, according to the article.

3. Bosh Previously Said He Would Go Back to College Someday to Fulfill a Promise He Made to Freida

Chris Bosh has previously said that although he didn’t regret leaving college early, he did plan to return someday to fulfill a promise he made to his mother. Bosh left Georgia Tech after one year to enter the 2003 NBA Draft.

On his official NBA profile, Bosh lists his parents as the people who made the biggest difference in his life.

4. Freida Was Introduced to Her Husband Thanks to a Hunch From a Mutual Friend of Their’s

In July 2010, the Palm Beach Post covered the story of Bosh joining Lebron and Dwyane Wade in Miami. A paralegal administrative assistant for the city of Riviera Beach, Sheila James, is also a life-long friend of Bosh’s mother. So much so that she introduced Bosh’s parents to each other on the strength of a “hunch” that they would get along. James said that she considers herself to be an aunt to Bosh.

5. This Isn’t the First Time a Home Owned by the Bosh Family Has Been in Trouble With the Law

Joel Bosh Chris Bosh brother

Instagram/Joel BoshChris Bosh’s brother pictured with Uncle Drew aka Kyrie Irving.

The Dallas Morning News reported in July 2013 that a property owned by Freida Bosh was in trouble with the law. A warehouse in Dallas was the sight of illegal parties that was allegedly being operated by Bosh’s brother, Joel. The Morning News reported that Freida bought the property in 2008 and had planned to turn it into apartments and later offices but that both plans fell through. Among the types of parties being promoted at the space were wet-t-shirt contests and mud wrestling. While in September 2012, a gun was fired outside the building during a party although nobody was hurt.