EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Kate Chastain Talks ‘Below Deck’, Dating & Cast-Mates


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Kate Chastain is a big reason that Below Deck is so entertaining. She has been on the show for several seasons, showing her skills as a Chief Stewardess in the yachting industry. But, she is also a great source for one-liners, zingers and clever advice. With Below Deck in its 5th season, Chastain has seen her fair share of craziness, whether it’s from the charter guests or behind the scenes with the crew. This season, however, Captain Lee of the Valor yacht is dealing with one of the greenest crews yet and Chastain is in charge of them. When talking to Chastain about whether crazy crew members or difficult yachties were more challenging, she said that hands down, an unruly crew is worse. She explained, “Definitely crew members because charter guests leave after 48 hours and there’s always hope for a better next trip … I’m used to having a green stewardess or a green deckhand, but to have an entirely green crew … There’s a choreographed routine, the timing. It makes my job a lot more difficult.”

Often on the show, we see that the yacht chefs can be temperamental, edgy or a bit free-spirited. Does eccentricity come along with being creative? According to Chastain, “Most creative people are a little crazy to think outside the box, but I don’t think Chef Leon [from season 3] and perhaps Matt [season 5 chef], I’m not sure how creative they are. I think Adam [from Below Deck Mediterranean] did well, but adding onions to the guest’s meals was a rebellious moment. The rest of the chefs actually show how exceptional Ben [Robinson] is at his job.”

As for what the cast is up to this season, Chastain was able to reveal that, “There is definitely a romance of some kind, with cabin fever, people start getting more attracted. I was surprised when a second romance happens. I defiitely didn’t see this one coming. There’s also a return charter desk from Below Deck Med and it really added to pressure for us all. There are also always dramatic moments with Jen.” So, while there is a returning charter guest coming aboard this season, don’t count on seeing fan-favorite Dean Slover. Unfortunately, that ship has sailed, as Chastain let us know, “Dean Slover … Three seasons in a row. I actually went out to Scottsdale where he owns a bunch of restaurants and he was wonderful. He messaged me asking if he should come back on the boat, asking if it doesn’t seem I’m too desperate. I told him of course not and encouraged him to come back. The backlash on social media … ‘Oh, this guy again.’ He’s not doing it just for TV.” For Slover fans out there, including ourselves, we are crossing our fingers that he may one day return to the show.

For those who have been watching the show this season, you have seen Chastain hanging out with a man who she calls “hot Jesus.” With this has come many jokes about her enjoying church and about her connection to Jesus. So, has Chastain kept in contact with “hot Jesus”? Apparently she has as she told us that he recently messaged her to visit him down in Guadalupe and she said that she’s been itching for a vacation, so she just may take him up on the offer soon.

So, how much does it cost to have a luxurious weekend on a yacht? In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Chastain revealed that, “Generally, a boat that size, 150 foot — this one’s 160, Valor — but around that price range, for seven days, is around $150,000. But that does not include airfare, fuel, food, wine, docking, tip. So, I would say for a boat like Valor, for a week vacation, it would be around a quarter of a million dollars.”

Unfortunately, for those hoping to charter a yacht, the industry may have taken a hit this year, because of the destruction that came along with the massive hurricanes hitting the Caribbean. In fact, the area Below Deck filmed in this season, St. Maarten, has been extremely damaged. Chastain said that it’s hard to know what kind of an impact all the damage will have on the yachting industry. She said that it’s a catch 22. Do the yachts return or would it just be rubbing luxury in the faces of so many who have lost their homes?

Currently, Chastain is conducting a podcast called “After Deck with Kate Chastain“, which was developed after cast members started asking her for advice. In the meantime, Chastain is also transitioning into normalcy, with the dog, the car and the home base. She’s actually started working with a local women’s non-profit boutique called Genesis Boutique and she hopes to one day have a high-end consignment shop. Proceeds from Genesis Boutique go to emergency homes for women and children who are in need. Chastain is also definitely open to more seasons of Below Deck, “If Captain Lee will have me.”