EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Drew D’Angelo of ‘Real Estate Wars’


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Photo by: Isabella Vosmikova/Bravo

Drew D’Angelo is one of the sharp and respected real estate agents on Bravo’s new reality show Real Estate Wars. He’s also a very genuine and positive guy with great energy. John McMonigle, who was formerly the number one real estate agent in the United States, has rebuilt his empire, forming The McMonigle Team. His team members are all out for the same high-end clients and premium listings, so the competition is definitely fierce. D’Angelo is one of these agents and he has 17 years of experience in the industry.

So, how did D’Angelo get involved with the show? D’Angelo explained:

I got a phone call one day from the production company and thought it was a joke. I always aspired to be on TV but never really took the steps to do it. So, I got a call referred by so and so and called John [McMonigle], who said he was dead serious. It was World of Wonder Productions. I did a Skype interview and nailed it, apparently, and they thought I was a great fit.

He already knew his fellow cast members because they are his team members in real life. And, he revealed that the show originally had a different premise. D’Angelo said that:

The original way was it was going to be a competition, but no prize. It’s really about all the different personalities that go into it.

So, what does D’Angelo bring into the mix on the show? He says that:

I was a land developer for 17 years, so I have a unique perspective on all aspects of real estate.

And, when it comes to other members of his team, he says:

Hunter is young, smart, hungry and California cool. Leo is a great dad and enjoys philanthropy. John exudes class and refines the real estate game in coastal California. Hoda comes from a real estate background, with her dad in the business, just like my stepdad groomed me. Hoda is very detail oriented.

D’Angelo continued:

My dad was a land developer as well. I wanted to do what my dad did, loved the smell of dirt, noise of the tractor, and I wanted to get into the family business. Dad was always in a tuxedo. I saw my mommy happy and I saw my dad providing a life that made my mom happy. I took a different path at first and at 21, I started to work my way up from my dad’s assistant to where I am today. Now I can take my own son to job sites, passing it on to his kids, showing what their legacy will be.

Well, being married with three kids is definitely a lot for anyone, but for someone with such a demanding job, balance is definitely a challenge. D’Angelo talked about it, explaining that:

Having three kids pulls you in a lot of different directions. Having an amazing wife that’s supportive makes it much easier. She’s my second wife. My first marriage, it was different and now I’m more mature. I get what’s more important now, just about prioritizing. Kids and family have to come first, but there’s a balance that needs to be had. I’m blessed to have the family I have.

When D’Angelo was younger, he said that one of the biggest mistakes he made was thinking that he knew everything and not being patient enough. In further detail he said:

Rookies come in and think the commission is going to come in right away. My greatest advice is it’s not about the money. It’s about the relationships.

In addition to rookies and other real estate agents making mistakes, D’Angelo has seen a ton of crazy antics over the years while trying to sell homes. He recalled:

Oh, God. There’s so much craziness. I think the craziest, personally, is just the transaction dynamics in different deals. I’ve met some pretty special agents where it doesn’t have to be so difficult. I’ve heard of people walking in on agents having sex with clients or agents getting too drunk at open houses. I try to limit the exposure of my clients

So, clearly things can get crazy when selling luxury properties. And, other than the fact that Drew D’Angelo is definitely someone to have on your radar, why should viewers tune in to Real Estate Wars?

It’s the American dream. Social media and television makes it more glamorous. The draw is the different areas we sell in, as well as the personalities on each episode. Most of all, it’s the scenery.