Do You Need to Watch Other Marvel Shows, Like ‘Defenders,’ Before ‘Jessica Jones’ Season 2?


The second season of Jessica Jones is finally premiering and fans can’t wait to see what Netflix has in store next in the Marvel universe. But if you aren’t caught up on all of Netflix’s other Marvel shows, do you really need to watch them all before starting Season 2? Jessica’s last appearance was on The Defenders, and some fans are especially wondering if they need to watch that series first.

No, you do not need to watch any Marvel series on Netflix besides Jessica Jones Season 1 before watching Jessica Jones Season 2. Heavy was able to watch the first five episodes in Season 2 early, and the episodes don’t require any knowledge of other Netflix series, including Jessica’s last appearance on The Defenders, in order to understand what’s happening on Season 2.

Yes, you definitely need to watch Season 1 of Jessica Jones first. There will be many references to events that happened in Season 1, and you won’t fully understand the season unless you’ve seen it. And a couple characters’s stories, like Jeri Hogarth’s, might be more fully enjoyed if you’ve seen her appearances on other series. But it’s definitely not necessary.

Jessica Jones’ last appearance was on The Defenders. And although it was an enjoyable series, her time on that series really isn’t referenced in the first five episodes of Season 2. In fact, the show heavily relies on some of the last things we saw in Season 1, without really referencing what happened to her on The Defenders.

So just like any other Netflix Marvel series, you don’t need to watch the other characters’ series in order to fully enjoy and understand what’s happening here. Even The Punisher, who first appeared on Daredevil, could be watched with full enjoyment without seeing his season on Daredevil (although seeing how he first appeared certainly added to enjoying the show.)

However, you may want to rewatch Season 1 of Jessica Jones, because there will be a lot of references to that season and you might feel a little lost if you haven’t watched it since 2015.