Destiny 2 PC Players Are Being Banned, Here’s Why


Destiny 2 The Pryamidion

Developer Bungie banned about 400 players of Destiny 2 on PC yesterday. Today they released a blog post telling you why.

They said that the bans were applied to players who were “using tools that pose a threat to the shared ecosystem of the game.” This may include software that artificially improves game performance such as aimbots but Bungie didn’t specify which tools were used. They did not and will not issue bans to players using video recording, video streaming, and communication programs including Discord, Xsplit, OBS, RTSS, and more.

They will be overturning four of the bans that were issued during the PC Beta. They also said that the game itself cannot automatically ban you. Bungie can ban you but only after a manual investigation.

In the Help section of their website, Bungie writes that they designed Destiny 2 for PC to resist third-party software that inserts code into the game client. That includes the software used by hackers and cheaters as well as other applications. Overlays like visual notifications from voice communication software and hardware monitoring software are generally not compatible with the game.