Dean Unglert, ‘Bachelorette’ to Star in ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ 2017 Cast


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It’s an exciting, unpredictable reunion viewers won’t want to miss as the most memorable bachelors from this season – including Adam, Alex, Dean, DeMario, Fred, Iggy, Jack Stone, Jonathan, Josiah, Kenny, Lee, Lucas, Matt and Will – return to confront each other and Rachel one last time on national television to dish the dirt and tell their side of the story. A look back at the most memorable moments in “The Bachelorette: The Men Tell All” history is presented. Finally, as the clock ticks down on Rachel’s journey to find love, an up-close-and-personal look at her final three guys, on “The Bachelorette: The Men Tell All,” MONDAY, JULY 31 (8:00-10:01 p.m. EDT), on The ABC Television Network.

Dean Unglert returns to The Bachelorette tonight on the Men Tell All Special with Rachel Lindsay and the two see each other for the first time since Unglert was eliminated. Unglert introduced Lindsay to his somewhat dysfunctional family on his hometown date and confided in her with his emotional disconnection from his father. He also revealed that he was in love with Lindsay, to which she also said she was falling in love with him. After hearing this, it was a surprise to hear that Lindsay chose Unglert to be eliminated next on the show. On tonight’s episode, Unglert sits down with Lindsay, who explains herself to him and reflects on the feelings she had for him. Lindsay tells Unglert that his family issues weren’t what caused her to send him home, though she does say:

It’s just that you had so many emotions that were new to you, and I feel like some of your feelings of love were wrapped up in that. I don’t think I was taken over by emotions. In the moment, I did love you.

Whether or not Unglert believes that Lindsay truly was falling in love with him, he has moved on to other ways to find love. Unglert is a full-time cast member on the upcoming season of Bachelor in Paradise and Reality Steve reports that he even gets caught in a bit of a love triangle.

For those of you who do NOT want to know any Bachelor in Paradise spoilers, STOP READING NOW.

While on Bachelor in Paradise, though Unglert has some successes with romance, Reality Steve says that Unglert currently appears to be single. So, does this mean that Unglert could potentially be the next star of The Bachelor?

Recently, it appears that Unglert has been throwing some shade Rachel Lindsay’s way, as have friends of his … Refinery 29 reported that Instagram user Lauren Gonzalez shared a photo of herself with Unglert and used the caption, “Went black, but came back,” to which Unglert replied by saying, “Lololol at the caption.” After seeing this, Lindsay replied online by writing, “Sent back… he didn’t come back lol.”

Unglert also told Entertainment Tonight that he believes Lindsay is just “in lust” with contestant Bryan Abasolo, to which Lindsay fired back by saying:

I saw that Dean made those comments. Those are Dean’s opinions, whatever. I can’t speak towards them, but I would hope that people — and the viewers — know that I am smart enough to not be blinded by lust.

To see Dean Unglert on Bachelor in Paradise, tune into ABC on Monday, August 14, 2017 at 8 p.m. ET/PT.