Cowboys Fantasy RB: Alfred Morris or Darren McFadden?


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With Ezekiel Elliot’ts suspension, the Cowboys running back situation is far from clear.

In the latest in the Ezekiel Elliott saga, all signs point to Elliott missing the next six games after his latest appeal hearing. This has left confused fantasy owners trying to figure out which Cowboys running back to pick up for your fantasy team.

On a local radio interview (via CBS Dallas), Jerry Jones elaborated on the Cowboys plan of action without Elliott.

It’s fair to say that this is a takeaway for the Cowboys. That’s almost trite (to say). On the other hand, what kind of job have we done to prepare if you don’t have Zeke. But what we have done in my view is really and not only (Alfred) Morris and (Darren) McFadden, but we got (Rod) Smith that’s also a really big back that’s impressed everybody.

It’s not that simple but certainly he’ll get more carries and McFadden should be a big part of this thing, and like I said Rod Smith is a big part of it too.

Essentially, Jones said a lot without saying much of anything. Since this off-season, I’ve been advising people to prioritize Morris over McFadden. In leagues where I can, I am picking up both, as I do not think it is clear which back will get the most carries. Especially in leagues where I own Elliott, I am doing everything in my power to own both backs to protect myself as best I can.

Based on this season’s workload and Jones comments, Morris is expected to be the starting Cowboys running back. However, Dallas is likely headed to a dreaded running back by committee where carries are divided up among all three backs. The caliber of the Cowboys offensive line means we could see a situation where both Morris and McFadden become fantasy relevant.

If I can only pick one, Morris is the guy by a slight margin over McFadden. Like most analysts, Cowboys podcast host Bryan Broaddus noted he expected McFadden to be the lead back if Elliott missed time.

In recent weeks, the evidence has appeared to shift towards Morris being the running back to own. McFadden has not had a carry this season, and been on the inactive list several times this season. Morris has had 13 carries for 105 yards this season.