Carol Burnett’s Husband Brian Miller: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know


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Carol Burnett is a comedic icon and she is most known for her long-running variety series The Carol Burnett Show. Since 2001, Burnett has been married to a man 23 years younger than she is and the two are still together today. Brian Miller is Burnett’s longtime husband and

1. Carol Burnett’s First Husband Was Her College Sweetheart

Prior to meeting Miller, Burnett was married twice. Her first husband was a man named Don Saroyan, while her second ex-husband is Joe Hamilton.

2. Miller Is a Successful Musician

Brian Miller was a principal drummer and contractor of the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra for years.

3. The Couple Never Had Children Together

Together, Burnett and Miller have never had children, but Burnett has three daughters from a previous marriage.

4. Burnett’s Daughter Carrie Hamilton Was Diagnosed With Cancer the Year She Married Miller

Carol Burnett’s daughter Carrie Hamilton struggled with drug addiction, beginning at the young age of 13, but this was not what caused her demise. In 2001, the same year that Burnett married Brian Miller, her daughter was diagnosed with lung cancer. By November 2001, Hamilton was told that her lung cancer had spread to her brain.

5. Carol Burnett’s Second Husband Produced Many of Her Projects

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Joe Hamilton, Burnett’s second husband, was working on The Gary Moore Show when Burnett was a regular on the program. He produced a great deal of Burnett’s work, like her 1962 Carnegie Hall concert and The Carol Burnett Show.