Burns Strider, Hillary Clinton’s Spiritual Adviser, Accused of Sexual Harassment


Burns Strider Facebook page Facebook/Burns Strider

Burns Strider pictured in September 2017.

Allegations of sexual harassment against Hillary Clinton’s spiritual advisor were roundly ignored by her 2008 presidential campaign. The allegations come in a bombshell New York Times report that dropped on January 26. The Times says that Clinton’s spiritual adviser, Burns Strider, was accused by a 30-year-old female staffer of rubbing “her shoulders inappropriately” and kissing “her on the forehead,” in addition to sending “a string of suggestive emails” with at least one of those coming late at night.

When the staffer brought her complaints to campaign manager Patti Solis Doyle. The Times says Strider was kept on at Clinton’s request with Doyle advocating that he be fired. His punishment was to undergo counseling and to have his pay docked. The staffer was moved on to another position within the campaign.

The New York Times report goes on to say that Strider was re-recruited by the Clinton campaign in preparation for the 2016 election. At that time, Strider was working with a group named Correct the Record. The Times says Strider was fired “after several months” after being accused of harassing a “young female aide.”

According to his LinkedIn page, Strider was a “Senior Adviser” and “Director of Faith Outreach” on Clinton’s 2008 failed Democratic primary campaign. Since 2009, Strider has been the president of the American Values Network. He writes that the organization, “seeks to be the salt of public and political discourse in America, preserving our values and heightening awareness of the key ingredients required for a prosperous society.” One of the organizations stated goals is “Tackling the most pressing moral issues of our time.”

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Prior to working for the Clinton campaign, Strider says that he was a “Senior Adviser” to then-Speaker Nancy Pelosi from February 2003 until December 2006. Before that, Strider was the southern regional communications director for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. Strider graduated from Delta State University with a degree in history in 1990.

The Times report into Strider’s alleged harassment notes that he was married at the time of the initial allegations. On his Facebook page, Strider says that he got engaged to Karen Hahn in 1995. Hahn is, according to her LinkedIn page, a family and child therapist in the D.C. area. Hahn is a graduate of the University of Kentucky and the Catholic University of Kentucky.