Brooke Register, Tyler Glasnow’s Girlfriend: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know


Brooke Register, Tyler Glasnow girlfriend, Pirates pitcher girlfriend

(Tyler Glasnow/Twitter)

Pittsburgh Pirates right-hander Tyler Glasnow is off to a rough start for his rookie year after being the top pitching prospect in the organization. Glasnow will be in the national spotlight on May 28, as the Pirates take on the New York Mets on ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball. He’s currently dating model Brooke Register.

The 23-year-old Glasnow made his MLB debut last season, with a 4.24 ERA in seven appearances and a 0-2 record. In 2017, he’s been a regular member of the Pirates’ pitching staff, with a 2-3 record after nine starts. He has a high 6.69 ERA with 41 strike outs. As a hitter, he’s knocked in three runs.

Here’s what you need to know about his girlfriend.

1. She’s a Model Currently Represented by the Elite Model Agency

Register is a model, represented by Elite Model Agency. She just joined the agency in April 2017 and announced it on her Instagram page.

In August 2015, she appeared on the cover of Shape Magazine in Europe. “My girlfriend proving once again why She’s way out of my league. Congrats on the shape cover,” Glasnow tweeted.

She was also represented by Major Models New York.

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2. She Grew Up in Florida & Attended Oviedo High School

Brooke Register, Tyler Glasnow girlfriend, Pirates pitcher girlfriend

(Instagram/Brooke Register)

The 23-year-old Register grew up in Florida and attended Oviedo High School. During her sophomore year in 2009, she was mentioned in the school newspaper The Lion’s Tale. She was interviewed in a fashion article, telling the student reporter, “I buy retail items from places like Plato’s Closet, or other outlet stores, because they have older clothes that are adorable, affordable, and not everyone has them.”

Register also played on the high school soccer team, but didn’t end up pursuing that. Her life changed when she met modeling agent Ward Cottrell at the local mall. At first, she was skeptical, but she did her homework and discovered that he was a legit model scout.

“At first, I was embarrassed by the thought of modeling,” she told Oviedo Winter Springs Life. “I was more of a tomboy who wanted to play professional soccer, and I knew nothing about modeling whatsoever. The next thing I knew, I was commuting between Orlando and Miami most weekends for photo shoots.”

She continued modeling while still in high school and Cottrell continued to teach her what she needed to know about the business. Eventually, she moved to Miami Beach full time to model.

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3. She Worked as a Model in London Before Moving to New York City

Brooke Register, Tyler Glasnow girlfriend, Pirates pitcher girlfriend

(Instagram/Brooke Register)

While in Miami Beach, she was being scouted by a modeling agency in London. According to her Fashion Model Directory bio, she was signed by Storm Models and moved to England when she was just 19 years old.

“I was nervous, and my parents were concerned about me moving to London and being on my own, even though I was living with a bunch of other models,” Register told the Oviedo Winter Springs Life. “They wanted me to stay grounded as a person, and they feared the ‘money and drugs’ the industry was so famous for. But my parents raised me well and didn’t have to worry. I wasn’t going to let those things ruin my big chance.”

After a couple of years in London, she moved to New York City. She still goes to Oviedo to be with her family.

“This is my home, and it’s where I feel refreshed,” Register told the Oviedo Winter Springs Life. “I have great memories growing up here and still hang out with my high-school friends. The slower pace is perfect for me; it gives me a chance to recharge.”

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4. Glasnow Called Register Right After the Pirates Called Him Up Last Year

Brooke Register, Tyler Glasnow girlfriend, Pirates pitcher girlfriend

(Instagram/Brooke Register)

In July 2016, Glasnow was called up by the Pirates to make his big league debut after dominating in the minors. He told that when he got the good news, he called up his family and Register right away.

“Everyone was really emotional. I woke up and did it all in a matter of a couple minutes,” Glasnow told “I was asleep-slash-way-too-excited. It was a good time, though.”

Before he was called up, Glasnow had a 7-2 record with the Pirates’ AAA team in Indianapolis, with a 1.78 ERA and 113 strikeouts in 96 innings.

“Everything felt fake until I got to the big leagues,” Glasnow told the Post-Gazette in December 2016. “Now that I got there, OK, it’s real now. I’ve seen the competition. I’ve seen the hitters — they’re good. Not trying to be cocky, but I feel like I’m better than a lot of them. My stuff on a good day is better than most hitters.’”

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5. She Was on the Cover of Maxi Magazine in Germany & in L.L. Bean Photo Shoots

Earlier this year, Register was featured on the cover of Maxi Germany. She also appeared in a feature photo shoot by Vanessa Maas. The photo shoot focused on make-up. “Thank you Maxi for the cover and write up will be sure to read it once I learn German,” Register wrote on Instagram.

In Fall 2016, she appeared in an L.L. Bean photo shoot to model the brand’s latest clothes. She’s also appeared in other photo shoots for the brand, and she’s shared them on Facebook.

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