Breath of the Wild: 10 Mods You Need to See


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Welcome to the wacky world of mods for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Grab some popcorn and join us as we look at some of the wackiest things you can do to the game.

1. Play as Waluigi

Play as everyone’s least appreciated Mario character Waluigi. Links lanky form is a surprisingly good fit for Waluigi’s legendary lankiness. While the mod lacks Waluigi’s trademake “Wahs,” the mod does make it look like Waluigi is playing his long nose like an Ocarina every time he whistles for Epona so it has that going for it.

Here’s the download link (ha ha get it?).

2. Play as Zelda

Are you sad that there’s no female link or playable Zelda? Tired of the frankly weak justification Director Eiji Aonuma gave as to why there’s no playable Zelda? Well look no further because this upcoming mod from WilianZilv and Skilar Babcock will let you finally play as Zelda.

3. Play as Woody & Fly With Buzz

Now you don’t need to wait 1,000 years for Kingdom Hearts III to see Woody of Toy Story in HD glory. The attention to detail is great; it even nailed the way Woody’s legs and arms bend. Sadly the snakes in boots are not included.

You can also download this mod to replace the glider with Buzz, recreating the climax of the first Toy Story movie.

4. Play as Minecraft’s Steve Complete with Diamond Sword

Minecraft’s Steve is very much at home with the sandbox, naturalistic world of Breath of the Wild. You can even download a separate mode to get his diamond sword. Unfortunately he’ll find that the diamond swords are way less durable in this world.

5. Fight Shrek

Somebody once told me that you can replace the Hinox enemies with a giant Shrek. And why wouldn’t you?

Download Link

6. Ride Thomas the Tank Engine

Before you take on Shrek, why don’t you ride into battle in style by riding atop the useful engine Thomas. This mod replaces the Giant Horses with the titular character of the beloved Thomas & Friends.

Download link

7. Running in the Wild

If you want an even sweeter ride, consider this mod that lets you play as the Toyota AE86 from Initial D complete with manga-style motion lines. Slide on a shield for the best drifting results.

8. Play as Kratos

The Legend of Zelda has some parallels to Greek mythology, so it’s only fitting to plop Kratos from God of War in there. Be sure to add his Blade of Chaos in there as well.

Kratos skin & Blade of Chaos download links.

9. Play as Goku

Need something a bit more super in Breath of the Wild? Look no further than this epic mod that lets you play as Goku complete with his Flying Nimbus.

10. Then There’s Whatever This Is

A guy dressed kinda sorta like Sonic going fast? Why not?

Download link

Have any other awesome mods to share? Let us know in the comment section below.

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