Assassin’s Creed Origins: How to Kill the Snake


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Assassin’s Creed® Origins

Once you meet up with Aya in Alexandria, she tasks you with killing two men. One of these men is known as The Snake.

To kill The Snake, you first need to find his identity and whereabouts. This is done by finding a letter in the Royal Palace. Run along the walls along the right side of the palace – taking care of enemies along the way – until you get to the building where the letter is located (you’ll know which one because you used Senu to scout it out). Slip into the entrance in the back of the building closest to the wall because it only has one guard in the way as opposed to two in the front.

Head to the second floor. The letter is located in a locked box and the key is located on top of the shelf to the left of the room. Use the statue to hop up.

You’ll learn that The Snake, or rather Eudoros, is a frequent guest of the Bathhouse. Head there for the second half of the mission.

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Screenshot by Jack FennimoreAssassin’s Creed® Origins

In the Bathhouse, you won’t have your weapons or tools on you – just your hidden blade. Guards will cut you down very quickly, so it’s best not to mess with them. Assassinating guards will cause people around you to scream, attracting more guards.

Eudoros is located in a private room in the back of the Bathhouse and to the left. Unfortunately it’s blocked by two guards. Duck into the open area to the left of the guards and whistle to attract one of them. Then run around and sneak past the other guard to get inside the room. Alternatively, you can try climbing the walls and moving across the beams to get inside the room from above.

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Once you kill Eudoros, you’ll have to escape the Bathhouse without being caught by any of the guards. The guards in front of the private room may move away, but you can also climb out of the room and over the wall. If you do get caught by the guards, duck into one of the other private rooms and then climb the walls to trick the guards into thinking you disappeared. Then just mosey on to the exit to complete the mission.

If you haven’t already, you’ll need to kill Gennadios in order to complete Aya’s mission. Learn how to do that by clicking here.