Ash Wednesday Day 2018: Best Memes


Ash Wednesday Memes Imgur

Today is the start of Lent for the Chrisitan Church, also known as Ash Wednesday. It is the 40 day period before Easter begins, and is observed by many Western Christians, including Anglicans, Lutherans, Methodists, Roman Catholics, and more.

On Ash Wednesday, Catholics and other Christians have ash placed on their forehead, often in the shape of a visible cross. In some ceremonies, ash is sprinkled over peoples’ heads.

Celebrate today with some memes.

Ash Wednesday Memes Imgur
Ash Wednesday Memes Imgur
Ash Wednesday Memes
Ash Wednesday memes, Ash Wednesday memes
ash Wednesday Memes Imgur

Lent is a time of reflection and patience leading up to Easter Sunday in the Christian world. During Lent, Christians are asked to consider “how we’re doing in our walk with God”, in the words of Life Teen. Ash Wednesday wasn’t officially accepted into the Catholic Church or its belief system until around 325 AD. It was then that the “council”, according to Bible Info, agreed on a 40-day fasting period to celebrate Lent.

What is the significance of ashes? Historically, ashes were used to express grief. They are often made by burning the palm fronds distributed on Palm Sunday of the previous year. And while you once had no choice but to attend church to receive your ashes, many churches now offer “ashes to go” on subway and train platforms, to make life easier for the busy worker.

While Ash Wednesday isn’t directly addressed in the Bible, there are over forty Bible passages that associate ashes with mourning and grief. In the Old Testament, ashes symbolized repentance. (Daniel 9:3-6)