Armored Warfare: Assault: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know


Here are the top 10 tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for Armored Warfare: Assault.

1. Understand and Exploit Each Tank’s Modular Design

Armored Warfare: Assault


• The structure of each tank consists of many components. Understanding each tank’s design and precisely shooting at weak points not only increases your bullet penetration chances, it also helps destroys tank modules. This move can cause a fire or ammo-rack explosion to occur. Damaged modules are displayed through the appropriate icons right after the amount of damage is caused.

2. Never Underestimate the Importance of Support Vehicles!

Armored Warfare: Assault MY COM

• While high damage vehicles are effective for pushing the frontline, don’t underestimate the effectiveness of having a good support machine. Support machines employ bonus abilities, such as increasing the rate of speed for capturing key points, having high mobility, or activating a wide range of auras to strengthen allies. Support machines are capable of turning the tide of battle in an instant!

3. Take to the Battlefield and Level Up to Create Elite Vehicles

Armored Warfare: Assault MY COM

• There’s no substitute for combat experience when navigating the battlefield. Level up your vehicle to its maximum level and it will become “Elite!” By completing special challenges of elite status, you’ll improve important characteristics for your tank and even get a new shade of camouflage.

4. Strategic Respawns Can Turn The Tide of Battle

Armored Warfare: Assault MY COM

Armored Warfare: Assault’s respawn system adds a frantic, fast pace to traditional tank combat. With a bit of map awareness and quick decision making, players can take advantage of the respawns to turn the tide of battle. Try respawning at one of the captured points your team already owns – this will make it easier for your squad to defend it and quickly go into a counterattack.

5. Use Heavy Tanks To Pushing Your Weight Around and Ram Opponents into Submission!

Armored Warfare: Assault MY COM

• Although heavy tanks are the slowest vehicles in the game, they’re still quite mobile. Plus they can easily ram a gawker, causing significant damage to the opponent’s vehicle.

6. With Some Tanks, the Direct Approach isn’t Always the Best Option

Armored Warfare: Assault

• Assault tanks have a harder time contending with heavy tanks due to their steel plating and firepower. However, assault tanks have better stats when it comes to terrain crossing and improved aiming traversal. Use this knowledge to bait and engage opponents into combat scenarios that take advantage of sudden attacks and flanking maneuvers.

7. Adjust the Controls and Adopt a Control Method That Works Best For You

Armored Warfare: Assault MY COM

Armored Warfare: Assault allows you to customize the way you handle aiming. By default, locking onto targets occurs automatically and doesn’t disturb manual aiming. Before taking to the battlefield, check out the in-game settings. You’ll find various options that allow you to improve the work of automatic aiming or turn that feature off completely.

8. Use Reward Token Wisely To Craft Your Ideal Tank

Armored Warfare: Assault MY COM

• By completing a variety of tasks, players will receive reward tokens. They can be used to quickly unlock improvements on any available tank. Consider your options wisely before unlocking them to make sure those improvements best match your playstyle.

9. Equip a Strong Crew to Further Customize Your Tank

Armored Warfare: Assault MY COM

• Once you achieving the third vehicle rank, you’ll be able to staff your tanks with a crew team. Be sure to equip your tank with a crew team that provides a wide range of active skills, as well as a variety of passive bonuses and auras.

10. The Minimap Is Your Best Intel Agent

Armored Warfare: Assault MY COM

• The minimap provides a wide array of useful intel for tank commanders to utilize in battle. The minimap displays not only the enemies in the range of vision, but also intelligence received from your allies and any abilities in use. Paying attention to the map is the key to success.

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