Are the Banks Open on Thanksgiving Day 2017?


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Thanksgiving Day is November 23, 2017, and the banks are closed in addition to government offices and credit unions. And, in addition to Thanksgiving Day, credit unions may be closed on Black Friday, November 24, 2017, so it’s important to check with your local institutions. Welcome Federal Credit Union and the Allegan Credit Union are two credit unions that will definitely be closed on Black Friday this year. Bank of America, Chase, SunTrust Bank, Wells Fargo, Citibank, Capital One, you name it, will all be closed on Thanksgiving. All banks are closed, including PNC Bank which had some in-store branches offering limited hours on Thanksgiving in previous years. You will have to check with your local bank for exact details.

Most banks will resume normal services on the following day, Black Friday. Should you wish to check your local bank branch, click here to search the bank tracker system. Some institutions, however, may have their own operating schedules for Black Friday. For example, Wells Fargo told TIME that it operates about one dozen branches around the country that will either be closed or close its doors early on Friday because of contractual agreements. But, Wells Fargo has well over 6,000 branches around the company and most of them will be open on Friday. So, if you are trying to get some Black Friday shopping done, you should be able to visit your local bank. And, as far as bank transfers go, any transactions made on the holiday will not be processed until the following business day. Check deposits will not clear until the next business day as well. Online banking, mobile banking and ATMs will still be in operation.

There will be no mail delivery today, USPS branches will not be running, public libraries are closed, all federal offices will be shut down and courts will also be closed. All libraries should be closed, and trash collection should pick back up by Friday. As far as school closings go, they are all closed on Thanksgiving as well as Friday, unless noted by the individual school district. Some schools may make up snow days on Black Friday. Most pharmacies are closed for the Thanksgiving holiday as well.

In most areas, parking meters may be free and there are tons of sales and restaurant deals going on, especially with Black Friday upon us. Local, state and federal offices are all closed for the holiday. This means that the stock market is definitely closed and, according to, it is open on Friday until 1 p.m. Thanksgiving is always held on the last Thursday in November, and in 1863, President Abraham Lincoln issued a proclamation making Thanksgiving an official national holiday. According to, the holiday didn’t always remain on the last Thursday of the month over the years. During the Great Depression, Franklin D. Roosevelt moved the holiday up a week in order to help increase retail sales. Then, in 1941, the holiday was moved back to the last Thursday in November again.