Anthony Ross: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know


Anthony Ross was identified as the man accused of murdering two small children and their mother – his estranged wife – on Christmas Day in Phoenix, Arizona.

The tragedy led to a standoff at the apartment building where the carnage occurred. The suspect is 45-years-old, and he’s still alive after the Christmas massacre.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. The Woman Was Found Shot in the Parking Lot & the Children Inside the Home

When police responded to the apartment complex, they discovered a grisly scene. They found the man’s estranged wife, who hasn’t been identified, shot to death in the parking lot. She was listed as being 38-years-old.

Police searched the property and eventually found an 11-year-old boy and a 10-month-old girl dead, according to The police tracked the suspect down into one of the apartments.

2. The Suspect & Adult Victim Were Previously in a Relationship

Police said there was a “domestic violence relationship” between the two. Police said that the suspect and woman who was killed were the children of the suspect and the victim. Although some news media reports say the adult woman was the estranged wife of the suspect, the police spokesman was not clear on the exact relationship.

In a press conference, he said that they had a former relationship together though.

3. A Standoff Ensued & the Suspect Shot at Police Officers

When police arrived, they were able to make contact with the suspect, who was holed up inside the apartment complex. A negotiation ensued and, at first, it wasn’t clear that the children were also dead.

The suspect began shooting at the officers. They engaged in a shoot out with him, according to police. The suspect was not injured and was eventually taken into custody. One officer was taken to the hospital in stable condition for an injury that may be from shrapnel.

The police said they were speaking to the suspect for several hours. He lost contact and was no longer communicating with them at one point. The motive was not clear. At another point, police learned that the suspect “was watching the news and media and it was agitating him with our negotiators,” the spokesman said. “Contact was very minimal if at all.” He said that witnesses had heard gunshots.

4. The Suspect ‘Came in Town For a Christmas Visit’

Police released very little information about the suspect’s identity at first. A police spokesman said in the news conference that the man “came in town for a Christmas visit” and was not believed to be from Phoenix himself.

“I don’t believe he was from the area,” the spokesman said, at first declining to release the suspect’s name.

5. The Suspect Is Accused of Telling Family Members That He Killed the Children

After the Christmas Day horror, the suspect was accused of telling both police and family members that he had “killed the children.”

He made comments that he had killed the children and “he made notifications to other family members that he had killed the children,” the police spokesman said in the first news conference on the tragedy.