Animal Crossing Pocket Camp: Is Tom Nook a Crook?


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A new Nintendo Direct just revealed the existence of a new Animal Crossing for mobile devices known as Animal Crossing Pocket Camp. Naturally this has sparked a number of reactions on social media.

People were especially keen on pointing out that the infamous Tom Nook is running the microtransactions:


Tom Nook is a recurring character in the Animal Crossing series. He is not only the owner of the store that sells you furniture and equipment but he also sells you your house. Since you have to pay off the house with a mortgage and also work with Nook to help play it off, the character has gotten a reputation for being a bit of a crook. It doesn’t help that he often employs his adopted sons Timmy and Tommy to work for him in the games.

Many other people simply expressed genuine excitement for the game:


Some just want Animal Crossing for the Switch:


But mostly people just took the opportunity to lampoon the game:


Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp has you building your own campsite as the Campsite Manager, in which you place furniture in the area to attract guests.

You craft furniture by filling requests for animal friends (such as giving them certain items) throughout different locations in the game in exchange for crafting materials. Then you spend Bells and the items to create your furniture and then use the touch screen to place them. Different furniture items have different attributes like cool or natural. You can also build amenities like pools, but they take much longer to create.

A friendship meter is being introduced to the series, and rises as you complete requests for animals. Catching bugs, fishing, and day/night cycles return.

Materials can also be acquired by spending Leaf Tickets, the thing Tom Nook is so excited about. They are either acquired by completing goals in the game or of course spending real-life money. Leaf Tickets can also buy items to make bug catching and fishing easier, speed up the creation of furniture and amenities, and let you visit a mine to find minerals. Bells are acquired by selling items like bugs and minerals.

You can also go shopping at the market place for furniture & clothing items like shirts and shoes. Naturally your character’s facial features are also customizable.

You can also decorate your camper with furniture and paint jobs. Paint jobs can cost a lot of Bells forcing you to take loans.

You can have other camp managers including your friends visit your camp site so you can trade with them. You can also visit their campsite and even complement their work.

There will also be seasonal events like Christmas with new furniture and more.

The game is coming late November 2017.