Amtrak Train Derails Near Seattle, Washington on I-5



An Amtrak train has derailed near Olympia, Washington, according to local news reports. It’s unclear at this point how many injuries have resulted, if any. However, one reporter wrote that it might be a “mass casualty” event.

A KIRO7 photojournalist Terry Griffin wrote on Twitter, “#BreakingNews high speed @Amtrak train hanging over I-5 at Mounts road. First responders treating this as a mass casualty incident. No official word on injuries yet. @KIRO7Seattle.”

Tim Williams, a CBS News digital content manager, posted this shocking photo with the caption, “#BREAKING: PHOTO: An Amtrak train has derailed near Olympia, Washington State. Part of the train hanging off the track onto I-5 below. Pic @naenae07.”

The train derailment occurred on the morning of December 18, 2017. People were already reacting on social media. Wrote one man, “Amtrak train derailment, Mounts Rd. over I5. Southbound lanes complete shutdown. The drive home this morning will suck, back roads here we come. Saying a prayer for the injured and the rescuers with the extremely difficult task ahead…”