Amtrak South Carolina Crash: Photos & Videos from the Scene


Lexington Sheriff’s Department

The Amtrak crash

A deadly Amtrak train crash happened in South Carolina early this morning around 2:30 a.m. The train crashed into a freight train, killing two people and injuring at least 50 more. There were 139 people on the train and eight crew members. The lead engine of Amtrak Train 91, along with several passenger cars, derailed after the collision with the CSX freight train. The names of the people who were injured and killed have not been released, and authorities are still determining the cause of the crash. The photo above was released by the Lexington Sheriff’s Department.

Here are photos and videos of the crash. This is a developing story.

This video shows emergency service responding to the crash. The train was a regular late-night service between New York and Miami.

This next photo was one of the first released after news of the crash was announced. Both Amtrak and CSX have confirmed the crash in their own statements. All passengers that were on Train 91 have been taken off the train.

This photo shows passenger cars derailed after the collision.

This next photo is a map showing where the crash occurred in South Carolina:

CSX said in a statement, “This morning at approximately 2:30 a.m., an incident involving a CSX train and an Amtrak train occurred in Cayce, SC near Dixiana Road and S.R. 26. Reports of injuries have been confirmed. An emergency response plan has been activated to provide full support. Lexington County authorities have been notified and are responding to the incident. Additional information will be made available as details of the incident are confirmed.”

Additional photos and videos will be added to this story as they are available.