Aaron Kluger: Long Island Man Denies Biting Dog’s Eye Out [VIDEO]


A Long Island man touted as a “sicko” for allegedly biting an eye out of his parents Shih Tzu is fighting back, along with his parents.

“Sicko arrested for biting out eye of parent’s pet Shih Tzu,” a New York Post headline reads.

In a Facebook video uploaded late Monday night, Kluger adamantly denies any wrongdoing and films himself with the dog. He stated:

So this is my dog Chloe and this is me, Aaron Kluger. Very misleading news articles have been released saying that I bit her eye out. Chloe had a minor eye injury about a month ago and the vet had reported to the SPCA that they believed it was a human-caused injury, which is false. You can see Chloe’s eye.

The man then shows a close-up of Chloe’s seemingly intact eyes. “No sing of anyone biting her eyes out, least of all me,” he stated on the video. “I love Chloe. How could you not love a cute little doggie like this?”

Dan Kluger, the suspect’s father, told the New York Daily News:

The eye was slightly displaced, it was a minor injury. It was an accident. You should know that a Shih Tzu’s eye can be displaced just by pulling the skin back. They put it back in place. It was hardly noticeable. I didn’t even think she required immediate medical attention.