22GZ aka Jeffrey Alexander: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know


A Brooklyn rapper was arrested in Miami after allegedly killing a man over a parking dispute. The incident occurred on May 28 when rapper 22GZ aka Jeffrey Alexander, 19, was in Florida for a show at a Miami night club. The Miami Herald reports that Alexander was in a car with three others that was trying to park in a spot that was too small. Alexander’s car, a white BMW, bumped a Buick repeatedly. That resulted in that Buick’s owner, Ladrian Phillips, 30, confronting Alexander and his friends.

Gunfire rang out with Phillips being fatally show. Authorities believe that it was Alexander how pulled the trigger. After a short police chase in Miami Beach, Alexander was taken into custody. During the arrest, one of Alexander’s friends was shot dead by police.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Alexander Says: ‘Don’t Let That News Fool You, I’m Innocent’

A jailhouse phone call from Alexander was put on blast on Facebook on the night of May 28. From prison, Alexander says, “Don’t let that news fool you, I’m innocent.”

22GZ aka Jeffrey Alexander

Jeffrey Alexander’s mugshot. (Miami-Dade Corrections Department)

2. His Most Famous Song, ‘Suburban,’ Has More Than 1 Million YouTube Views

Alexander is best known in rap circles for his song “Suburban.” The track was released on YouTube on December 23 and since then has garnered over 1 million views.

3. The Rapper 22GZ Wants to Work With Most Is Meek Mill

In the above interview you’ll see Alexander talk about his career aspirations. The clip was recorded just after “Suburban” dropped. Alexander says that the rapper he’d most like to work with is former Nicki Minaj-beau Meek Mill. Alexander also mentions his rates, he charges $200 to appear with a verse on another rapper’s song and $300 to appear on the hook.

4. His Fans Are Demanding ‘Free 22GZ’ on Twitter

Alexander is in Miami-Dade County jail where he’s facing charges of murder and attempted murder. While on Twitter, his fans are demanding he be released while other spoke about their shock of his involvement in the crime.

5. The Victim Has Been Named as Father-of-One Ladarian Phillips

Ladarian Philips Facebook page

Ladarian Phillips pictured on his Facebook page.

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