15 Kirby Star Allies Easter Eggs & Secrets


kirby star allies easter eggs


Like any Nintendo game worth its salt, Kirby Star Allies has tons of Easter eggs and other secrets to its name. There are so many references to past Kirby games and other hidden gems that you may have missed quite a few, especially if you’re new to the series. So here are 15 Easter eggs and then some in case you missed them.

Author’s Note: This article contains spoilers, though we did our best to make them as vague as possible. More Easter eggs will be added as they are discovered. If you found any Easter eggs or secrets we missed, be sure to let us know in the comment section below.

1. Metaknight Boss Secret

The game making you pick up the sword before fighting Metaknight is already a cool callback to previous Kirby games, but there’s an even bigger secret to this fight. If instead of picking up the sword you fly over to Metaknight on his ledge, he flies away, kicks the sword, and starts the fight from there.

2. Stone Kirby References

The Stone Copy Ability lets Kirby transform into things other than his stone self. He can transform into muscular statues, star blocks, and references to other Kirby games.

One possible form Stone Kirby can take is Kind Dedede with a tambourine, referencing the Dedede Drum Dash minigame from Kirby Triple Deluxe. Another is the Robobot Armor from Kirby Planet Robobot. Another is Kirby with the Ultra Sword ability from Kirby Return to Dreamland only holding a fish instead of a sword. Kirby can also transform into a statue of Magolor from Kirby’s Return to Dream Land, Taranza from Kirby Triple Deluxe, Dark Nebula from Kirby Squeak Squad, and more.

Some things Kirby can transform into aren’t even from his games, such as the brick blocks from Super Mario Bros. One statue has BoxBoy from the titular game developed by HAL Laboratory who also create the Kirby games.

Kirby can rarely transform into golden statues. One statue is the logo for the 25th anniversary of the Kirby franchise. Another is of Susie from Planet Robobot and Ribbon from Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards together. Another gold statue is of Metaknight and his lieutenant from Kirby Super Star. The other gold statue is the HAL Laboratory logo.

3. Fighter Kirby’s Fighting Game Reference

Kirby Star Allies Easter eggs, kirby star allies secrets, kirby star allies references

Screenshot by Jack Fennimore

If you hold down and hold B, you can charge up a Force Blast projectile. But if you hit down, then forward, and then hold B, you’ll do an Instant Mega Force Blast. This may be a trickier but more effective way to charge up a Force Blast, but did you know that this is actually a fighting game reference? This button combination is the same one used to activate the Hadouken special move for Street Fighter‘s Ryu: quarter circle forward and punch or down, forward, and punch.

4. Clean Kirby’s Animal Friends

Kirby Star Allies Easter eggs, kirby star allies secrets, kirby star allies animal friends

Screenshot by Jack Fennimore

If you’ve played around with the Clean Copy Ability with Kirby, you may have noticed that a bunch of animals are summoned when you do certain attacks. These are the animal friends from Kirby’s Dream Land 3: Nago the cat, Pitch the bird, and ChuChu the octopus. The attacks Kirby performs with the Clean ability in Kirby Star Allies are taken directly from the moves of the Clean ability in Dream Land 3 when combined with the animal friends.

5. You Can Burn Wispy Woods

Kirby Star Allies Easter eggs, kirby star allies secrets, kirby star allies wispy woods

Screenshot by Jack Fennimore

If you use the Fire Copy Ability or any Friend Ability with a fire element on the Wispy Woods boss, then the boss will burn leading to a quick KO.

According to YouTube Channel GameXplain, you can freeze the Kracko boss.


6. Who Are Pon & Con?

Kirby Star Allies Easter eggs, kirby star allies secrets, kirby star allies pon and con

Screenshot by Jack Fennimore

Early on in the game, you’ll fight a duo known as Pon & Con. This may be your first time fighting them, but it’s not the first time the duo appeared in a Kirby game. They were a boss in Dream Land 3 and their boss battle there was lifted for Star Allies.

7. Zan Partizanne’s Cultural Reference

Kirby Star Allies Easter eggs, kirby star allies secrets, kirby star allies zan partizanne

Screenshot by Jack Fennimore

Zan Partizanne is the eldest sister of the magic generals, a trio that fight Kirby throughout the game. For one of her attacks, Zan Partizanne brings out drums to augment her lightning attacks. The drums she brings out are modeled after the ones used by Raijin, the Japanese Shinto god of lightning. Raijin beats his circle of drums to create lightning. Zan Partizanne’s drums even have the same Tomoe symbol found on Raijin’s drums.

8. Kirby Star Allies End Credits Gag

buff dedede, kirby star allies, kirby switch


After defeating King Dedede, a silly gag will play out where the end credits will roll out really fast and then rewind back to the present. This is not only a fun joke but a sly reference to Kirby Super Star, where at the end of the Spring Breeze game mode when you defeat Dedede the end credits roll at a brisk pace even though the game as a whole is far from over. Heck, the map screen where Kirby floats on a star from planet to planet is very reminiscent of the map screen for the Milky Way Wishes game mode.

9. Artist Kirby’s Game References

Kirby Star Allies Easter eggs, kirby star allies secrets, kirby star allies references

Screenshot by Jack Fennimore

If you thought the Stone ability was the only Copy Ability to contain tons of references to past Kirby games, you’d be wrong. The Dedede, Meta Knight, and Waddle Dee characters Kirby summons via the Artist ability use the same designs as their sprites from Kirby’s Adventure on the NES. The statues Artist Kirby can create can turn into the Kabu enemy, the Dreamstalk from Triple Deluxe, and a statue of Susie from Planet Robobot as a goddess.

10. References from Pictures

Kirby Star Allies Easter eggs, kirby star allies secrets, kirby star allies puzzle pieces

Screenshot by Jack Fennimore

Throughout the game, you’ll collect puzzle pieces that can be used to put together pictures in the gallery. These pictures reference the final boss of Kirby’s Dream Land, the picnic minigame from Kirby 64, and more.

But anyone who has every had a 3DS could recognize something interesting about how the puzzle pieces work. Regular puzzle pieces will fill in the blue parts of the picture but special rainbow puzzle pieces will fill in the pink part in the middle. This is exactly how puzzle pieces are laid out in the 3DS Streetpass Plaza’s Puzzle Swap minigame. There’s a pink section in the middle and a blue section surrounding it where puzzle pieces go. You’ll get puzzle pieces from both running into other players and by spending play coins. But puzzle pieces that fit into the pink section can only be gathered by other players.

11. HD Rumble Secret

GameXplain found an interesting secret concerning the HD Rumble feature for Star Allies. Watch the video above for the details but be careful as it contains late game spoilers.

12. The HAL Room

The HAL Room is a recurring room in the Kirby games where the “HAL” in developer HAL Laboratory’s name is spelled out in star blocks or something else as an Easter egg and a signature by the developers. Click the video above by GameXplain to find out where the room is located.

13. Devil Kirby

The image that depicts the challenge mode’s highest difficulty shows Kirby with insidious, red eyes. Kirby’s appearance here may be modeled after his appearance in episode 95 of Kirby: Right Back at Ya!, an anime adaptation of the games, where Kirby is possessed by a demonic frog and causes havoc. If that’s the case then this may be the first time that the games were influenced by the anime in a major way rather than the other way around.

14. The Cultural References of Kirby’s Hats

The hats Kirby dons for each Copy Ability have some significant cultural inspirations for their design, as YouTuber Gaijin Goombah dives into.

The Wing ability hat is based on a Native American Double Trailer War Bonnet, a headdress made up of eagle feathers earned by a chief or warrior for acts of courage on the battlefield or selfless acts on behalf of the tribe. The Stick ability is based on the character of Son Wukong from Journey to the West. The Cutter ability appears to be based on characters from Dragon Ball. The headband Hammer Kirby wears is the Hachimaki, a band worn mostly by the Japanese working class to symbolize hard work and determination.

There are many more references Gaijin Goombah digs into so be sure to check out the video above. You won’t believe where the new Bomb ability hat came from even if I told you.

15. Secret Final Level

The secret final level of the last world of the game hides a cool Easter egg. All you have to do is beat the game in order to unlock it. What’s inside? It’s up to you to find out (or just click the video above).

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